Pen of Purpose Production is the chosen name of a small, self-publishing company created by author and poet S.B. Wilhelm. Wanting to remain in close, personal relation to the entire production of her first novel, STONEWASHED, she chose to self-publish the work as opposed to traditional publishing options. In November 2014, Pen of Purpose Production launched with the introduction of S.B. Wilhelms' maiden, literary work


As a dedicated Christian, S.B. Wilhelm believes that each person has been gifted with a talent that could be utilized to enhance society. She eventually grew to realize that her own contribution is the gift of inspirational writing. Recognizing the myriad of pain and destruction that exists globally, Wilhelm decided that she would use the "power of the pen" for a purpose that is good and healing.


Pen of Purpose Production is open to selectively assist with small, literary works. The self-publishing company is not accepting novel manuscripts or large productions at this time. S.B. Wilhelm is willing to offer advice or direction for the assistance of others seeking to express their literary gifts and talents however.


Please contact us if you are located within the Chicagoland area and would like a book-club review appearance by author/poet S.B. Wilhelm. While all requests may not be guaranteed, S.B. Wilhelm seeks to remain personal with supporters.


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