...When You Believe

S.B. Wilhelm is an American author and poet. She has been a prolific writer most of her life, receiving accolades for her talents through school writing and poetry contests since the age of ten. Her gifts have also been requested throughout her life-time by friends, neighbors and family alike who have summoned her assistance with educational writings, personal and professional works, as well as short speeches. While S.B. Wilhelm has been a writer most of her life, she would not come to the full recognition of her own talents until later along in life.

Born in New Orleans, Louisiana, Wilhelm was raised by her maternal grandmother. She moved to Chicago, Illinois in 1981 at the age of nine. The move was not an easy transition emotionally, she would leave behind a more simple way of life to join her mother and a new family whose dynamics were quite different from those that she knew nearly the first decade of her life. After a difficult adjustment period and "growing pains" of her adolescent era, Wilhelm flourished into a productive, young woman who began to utilize her gifts in science. All the while she continued to produce small, written works that highlighted her literary talents.

In 2008, during the gestation period of her second child while working as a medical professional in Chicago, an unwarranted act of harassment by a supervisor caused a great transition for Wilhelm. Initially, the backlash she received for reporting the injustice led to a debilitating depression. Wilhelm would in turn, retreat to her writing skills as a form of therapy however. This would be the first time she would write uninhibitedly for herself. After three years of therapeutic writing, the notebooks she filled began to take on the form of a manuscript.

Realizing the inspiration of the story she created, originally she only wished to share the writings with a small group of friends and family members she felt it could be of benefit to. Early in 2013, at the unrelenting urging of several of these supporters, she began the official process of publishing the work. In November of 2014 she brought forth STONEWASHED, a motivational novel of healing and inspiration.

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